The Responsibility of Wealth and Privilege

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By Kwabena Owusu-Adjei Managing Partner – Investments, ThirdWay Capital (Editor Note: Kwabena first published this article on Medium, on June 5, 2019 – one year before ThirdWay Capital became a project, and two before the firm become an incorporated reality. His article expresses the kinds of questions and challenges that eventually gave birth to ThirdWay […]

Becoming Better at Doing Good: Unlearning Charity

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By Jonathan Wilson Managing Partner – Impact, ThirdWay Capital   Until recently in Western societies, the dominant view has been that if the betterment of the world is one’s primary objective, then business isn’t the path for it. Business is for making money. Rather take the path of charity. Do good only for good’s sake. […]

A Shift to a New Economy

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By David Harlley CEO, ThirdWay Capital Introduction (A Complex Global Economy) The two most recent global financial crises have resulted understandably in an increase in conversations about the need for a “New Economy”. The general consensus is that there are a number of issues that such an economy would need to solve for: massive and […]