fairafric AG

woman holds fairafric chocolate

Fairafric is a farm-to-table organic chocolate company successfully distributing premium organic chocolate in Europe and positioned to enter other African and North American markets. By 2026 fairafric expects to achieve 10X growth in revenues, create more than 300 direct, permanent jobs and have close partnerships with 500-plus local farmers trained in sustainable agro-forestry practises.

Next steps for fairafric include additional processing lines and food products. Their long-term goal is to generate USD $100M in revenues and 10,000 jobs.

Globally, chocolate is a USD $140B industry. Only $7B of this finds its way back to West Africa, primarily through the export of raw cocoa from Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana, which produce more than 65% of the world’s cocoa. By locating the production in Ghana of semi-finished chocolate and a range of branded consumer products, fairafric increases West Africa’s income from cocoa five-fold while creating qualified, well-paid jobs with health insurance, pension schemes and other benefits.

Fairfric has attended to each element of the chocolate value chain to bring truly sustainable, high-quality chocolate to consumers at competitive prices. Its solar-powered factory is located in one of Ghana’s key cocoa farming regions. Only organic cocoa is used. Packaging is biodegradable. Smallholder farmers are supported in developing agroforestry practises that ensure biodiversity, as well as introducing cash crops to increase family income. Combined, these strategies will result in a carbon-neutral farm-to-consumer process.

You can read more about fairafric in this recent New York Times article.

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