Ethical Apparel Africa Ltd.

EAA Workers in Factory

Ethical Apparel Africa (EAA) is a sourcing and manufacturing apparel export company operating out of Ghana, West Africa. They are positioned to scale by 2035 to $150M in exports to American and European markets. They partner with major clothing brands looking to diversify their supply chain from China for competitive cost, while benefiting from duty-free access and EAA’s ethical credentials. EAA attracts volume export orders, and develops in-company and external Ghanaian apparel manufacturing capacity to fulfill export orders for these brands.

Keren Pybus, co-founder and CEO of EAA, says:

“From our first interactions with ThirdWay we have been struck by the level of values alignment, as well as their hands-on and thoughtful approach. We look forward to working alongside them to create thousands of high-quality jobs in Ghana’s fast-growing apparel sector.”

Africa is an increasingly competitive location for garment manufacturing. As the industry develops, the economic and social impacts are regional, from a country level down to the lives of the many women employees of EAA and their families. EAA anticipates creating 2500-3000 jobs in the next three years, 70%+ for women, and contributing to one-third of a 3X growth in garment exports from Ghana (to USD $60M).

As part of our partnership with EAA, we will be advising them in their employee ownership strategy.

EAA approaches its social impact with a strong gender lens, and is partnering with the Levi Strauss and UN Foundations to drive innovation and learning around worker wellbeing in Ghanaian garment factories, particularly for women. EAA is rigorous in its approach to sustainability, operating a fully solar-powered facility in a peri-urban region of Ghana, minimizing waste, and requiring certified suppliers per industry best practises for sourcing and production.

EAA have been named a ‘Company to Inspire Africa’ by the London Stock Exchange (2019), a ‘Fabric of Change’ enterprise by Ashoka (2016) and EAA’s co-founder and COO, Paloma Schackert, was named a Forbes 30 under 30 Entrepreneur (2020).