Rainbow Mobile Networks Ltd

Rainbow Mobile Networks Ltd.

Rainbow Mobile Networks Ltd. (Rainbow) is a communication technology solution provider whose objective is to provide communication network solutions for the unserved and underserved. Rainbow is strategically positioned to become the premier provider of rural wireless infrastructure in Ghana, West Africa, and eventually, across sub-Saharan Africa. Their seasoned team has demonstrated its ability to extend cell and data access to rural areas in Ghana by installing low-cost, energy-efficient wireless infrastructure in strategic locations that traditional tower technologies cannot easily serve. Value-add services will be phased in as Rainbow achieves sufficient reach across its locations.

Kwame Sackey-Acquah, CEO of Rainbow, says “we have enjoyed working with ThirdWay Capital. Their strong focus on robust strategies for commercial growth that catalyzes systemic change in society has aligned very well with our vision and ethos. We are excited to partner with them”.

Throughout the African continent, the introduction of telecommunications has consistently generated massive, documented improvements in healthcare, education, and commercial activity that reduces rural-to-urban migration. We are excited about the potential for Rainbow to catalyze a step-change in the lives of millions of rural Ghanaian families.