Agro Kings Ltd

Agro Kings Ltd. (Agro Kings) is agricultural production, processing, and distribution business, strategically positioned to scale and disrupt Ghana’s USD 550M rice import market, as a first step towards expanding production and distribution to other regions in sub-Saharan Africa, and contributing to food security at a time when the effects of Covid-19 and geopolitical conflict threaten to severely impact access to, and the cost of, staple foods.

In four years, Agro Kings’ entrepreneurial team has developed a business positioned along with key points in the value chain, bringing to the market branded rice products, appealing to consumers normally biased towards imported brands. In their first year, they partnered with two smallholder farmers – today they work with 300.

ThirdWay Capital’s investment enables Agro Kings to prepare itself to significantly scale crop production and to bring to market its strong array of branded food products.

Nana Owusu-Achau, Founder and CEO of Agro Kings, says “we are excited to partner with ThirdWay Capital. We value their breadth of experience as a team and look forward to working closely with them to improve the lives of the customers we serve, the men and women in our workforce, and the smallholder farmers we partner with”.

In addition to its own farming activity, Agro Kings includes local smallholder farmers in its crop production, providing them with access to the market as well as supporting their farming with input on best practices and access to machinery. It actively engages with the communities in which it operates to identify felt needs. To date, it has assisted in developing community ablutions, access to potable water, and the upgrading of school facilities.